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Drink - Cava... How and When

Fun, festivities and fizz

(First published in Living Spain magazine)

Not just a glass of celebratory fizz, Cava can be drunk with some classic Spanish dishes

Drinking Cava is exceedingly pleasurable but, to savour its aroma and to display the elegant qualities of its bubbles, do choose the correct clear glass - a traditional flute, or a tall tapering tulip-shaped glass.

Refrigerate the bottle for a few hours, or place the bottle in an ice bucket with water and ice, top the ice with coarse salt - the optimum drinking temperature is reached when the ice has melted.

Cava is produced in varying levels of dryness: brut nature (the driest), brut (extra dry), seco (dry) and semiseco (medium) and, because of the variety, is ideal not only as an aperitif but also combined with food.

Try a young brut with tapas, fish and shellfish; dry Cavas with white meat and light stews; brut reserva with red meat and game; or demisec to accompany desserts and sweets, and discover for yourself if Cava really does live up to its sparkling reputation.


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